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Louise Log makes me laugh and think

I had a chance to meet the cast and people behind the scenes but due to a case of the shingles, could not. I’d kick myself if it didn’t hurt so much.

I like Louise because she reflects what I think often. I especially love her quest to let her artistic self come out and actually DO IT, rather than thinking about it all the time. Make sure you see the latest version at Anne Flournoy’s site.

i’ve tried to get my own “art” out by photographing more. I used to use high end cameras and equipment… I’m now seeing if I can explore the low end and playing wiht point and shoot, then altering the images… This goes totally against what I know, so it might be interesting. We’ll see.


Bridges pictures

You may have been able to tell from my previous post about the photo assignment, that I was unsure of how the pictures would be received. I was not happy with everything I submitted, and neither was the editor. Actually, that’s a little harsh. She felt that many of the photos did not match up to the quality of my other photos that she had seen.

Given the choice of re-shooting or waiting until my inspiration matches their theme, I chose not to re-shoot. I had a hard time trying to figure out how and what to photograph, and I still don’t know what would work. Fortunately, the editor was very understanding and is still willing to accept pictures from me.


More importantly, this little adventure has gotten me out and shooting again. It’s been a long hiatus.

fear itself

I was out all day yesterday working on a project for a colleague of mine’s web magazine. The project involved my traveling around the periphery of the entire island of Manhattan.

It was pretty invigorating and tense. Part of the tension came from myself and the perception that I have of people’s reaction to cameras (now, after being fed so much fear). But the biggest tension came from being unsure of myself. It has been a while since I have functioned in my old capacity of delivering photos on deadline. I knew I could produce photographs, the question was, could I produce good photographs.

I think I came up with some decent images and hope others will think so as well. I’ll announce when it is published.