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uppity or elitist

Caffeinated Politics presents some very thought provoking ideas as written by David Shipler (recently).

As racism becomes less overt and more hidden, our examination of the language (along with the society) must become more stringent in detecting its remnants. Mr. Shipler examines the recent flurry of charges against Barack Obama for being elitist. From the Shipler article:

Whether by calculation or coincidence, Hillary Clinton and Republicans who have attacked Barack Obama for elitism have struck a chord in a long-standing symphony of racial codes.

Shipler has written numerous articles and books. Here is an audio interview with Mr. Shipler from 2005 by the New York Times about his book, The Working Poor: Invisible in America.

How many delegates?

Clinton and Obama

From Arianna Huffington’s post, titled:Microtrends vs Macrotrends: Why Obama is Winning:

“‘Hillary Clinton’s campaign model,’ David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist told me this morning in Chicago, ‘is a very tired Washington model: ‘I’ll do these things for you.’ Barack’s model is ‘Let’s do these things together.’ This has been the premise of Barack’s politics all his life, going back to his days as a community organizer. He has really lived and breathed it, which is why it comes across so authentically.”

(Via Huffington Post.)

new blog theme

I like this theme. It’s called Biru and it’s by BlogOhBlog. Kind of new and fresh looking, so I’ll keep it for now. There are a number of themes I like, though, so I’m investigating theme switchers. Actually I tried one today, but it was buggy.


Meanwhile, Enigma4Ever has a first hand report on the Democratic political race in Cleveland, and seems to have some insight into Obama’s popularity that many in the media miss.

He is trying to Unite the Dems, but also unite us as People that have suffered for 7 years.

Check it out. Cool blog.