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time out … of my life

I have been on hold now for 20 minutes with Time Warner Cable trying to resolve an issue dating back to October 15th.

I could not see any video on demand (VOD), because 10 minutes into a movie, the picture would start to break up (microblock) and eventually the sound would go. I had techs come out 3 times. One changed the wiring inside the house. One changed the wiring outside the house, and one changed the set top boxes. On the last visit, the tech saw that the issue was not resolved. That was on Nov. 24th. He called the IT department and said it had to be resolved from their end at the IT department. Sometime in December I decided to chance a movie again…. This time it worked.

So, I figure I am supposed to get a credit for not having the service available from Oct. 15th to whenever they fixed it,… which was NOT on Nov. 24th. Fortunately, the last tech gave me the IT ticket number. The problem is that TW has it in their records as being resolved on Nov. 24th, and whenever any of the TW personnel call IT, they get put on hold.

So this last encounter lasted 32 minutes of my life (which I will never get back). Theoretically, I will get called back (tomorrow?) with the correct date… I hate Bureaucracy.