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Today I am…

Birthday Candles

Today is my birthday. Today I am (place your favorite decade marker here). Yes, it has been a wonderful 39 years, now that I’m 40. HAH!!! If only. I passed 40 a while ago. Why are people so reticent about telling their age? I used to think it was only vanity, but now I’m convinced it has more to do with how people will view/treat us. Just as I assume a 20 something is inexperienced/shallow, so a 20 something probably sees me as old and doddering. I’ll give them the old, but not the doddering. 🙂

God knows I’ve been through alot this past couple of years medically, but I made it through. And I probably would not have been able to do that, if I hadn’t been clean and dry for 29 years. There’s a great deal to be said for making decisions with a sober mind.

So, I’m posting this at the time and on the day of my birth. Happy birthday. 8) And to you too, if it’s your birthday.

ps – thanks to Not So Deep Thoughts for the image