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Louise Log makes me laugh and think

I had a chance to meet the cast and people behind the scenes but due to a case of the shingles, could not. I’d kick myself if it didn’t hurt so much.

I like Louise because she reflects what I think often. I especially love her quest to let her artistic self come out and actually DO IT, rather than thinking about it all the time. Make sure you see the latest version at Anne Flournoy’s site.

i’ve tried to get my own “art” out by photographing more. I used to use high end cameras and equipment… I’m now seeing if I can explore the low end and playing wiht point and shoot, then altering the images… This goes totally against what I know, so it might be interesting. We’ll see.


Commercially Speaking

It’s been a while since I have written anything about the Louise Log. In fact I have to admit, I missed one (#16). I caught up by going to Anne’s website and you can do the same.

Interestingly, my spouse saw a mattress commercial on television the other day, in which the main actress looks very similar to our heroine, Louise (AKA Christine Cook).

I can’t remember the name of the mattress company but I will keep an eye out.

Let me know if you see the commercial. It ends with the line, “We don’t want a repeat of last year”. I would love to find out if that is her.

Louise Log #15

Anne Flournoy has released another terrific episode of the Louise Log,… number 15.  This one is called Danger.  Things are getting even more interesting.  Check it out:

If you have any problems with the audio, you can view it with subtitles at Anne’s website.  You can also see ALL of the “logs” here. You can also subscribe there and be the first to know when another Louise Log is released along with any other things Anne is working on.  Enjoy!

I’m Back

If, per chance, you tried to get to this blog recently, you were met with a Fatal Error message.  That was the result of attempting to upgrade this blog to WordPress version 2.8 automatically.  Even though the auto upgrade worked fine on another blog (StarFire), it crashed on this one.

A few things happened during the down period.   Anne Flournoy’s short, The Louise Log #13 won a competition at New York’s channel Thirteen (you can view it at StarFire or here).

Meanwhile, #14 has been released:

Enjoy… Hopefully I’ll be back later today after I manually upgrade to version 2.8 (it’s supposed to be a security update as well as other things).

Yay!… Louise Logs #12

Anne Flournoy had posted Louise Log 12 a few days ago, but today was the first time I was able to get around to posting it myself. When she has a run in with the school guudance counselor I’m sure that the viewer will want to take Louise’s side in this one. This series keeps getting better and better.


Louise VS. the school Guidance Counselor in a fight to the death. Well sort of.

Louise Logs #9 and #10

Sorry, but I’ve missed two Louise Logs.  I had planned to post Louise Log #9, but had a hospital interruption.



Alas, here is the most recent:


This is the tenth in a comedy series about a neurotic New Yorker, starring CHRISTINE COOK. To subscribe for notice of future episodes, please go to http://www.thelouiselog.com

Anne is a genious.  I hope you enjoy these two.

Louise Logs #8

I haven’t posted in quite a while, and as a result, am slow in posting the latest Louise Log (Sorry).  Alas, Anne has released it, and once again, it’s a gem. Our protagonist interviews child care applicants (baby-sitters, au pairs). Thank goodness number one walked out!


Louise Log 8 (9:16)

This is the eighth in a comedy series starring CHRISTINE COOK and introducing DANUSIA TREVINO, SNEZHANA CHERNOVA, and MARIE CHRISTINE KATZ. Together with her over-active inner voice Louise interviews potential babysitters. COPYRIGHT 2008 MICRO-MOVIES LTD

Enjoy 😉