whispering with an iPhone

I recently found an app for the iPhone called iStego.  Basically what it does is hide photos (and text if you like), inside of photos.  So what appears to be one thing, is actually something else.

The “envelope photo” does not look altered in anyway.  It reminds me of our hidden everyday lives while we walk around dealing with our day to day encounters, placing a face over the turmoil inside.

Anyway, the thing with this app is that no one seems to know about it.  There is only one review.  If I place two photos here, without the program you would not know which has a secret picture/message and which does not.

picture1 picture2

In checking this little experiment, I found out that it only worked on my iPhone!!!  So, here is the photo that was inside:


I’m Back

If, per chance, you tried to get to this blog recently, you were met with a Fatal Error message.  That was the result of attempting to upgrade this blog to WordPress version 2.8 automatically.  Even though the auto upgrade worked fine on another blog (StarFire), it crashed on this one.

A few things happened during the down period.   Anne Flournoy’s short, The Louise Log #13 won a competition at New York’s channel Thirteen (you can view it at StarFire or here).

Meanwhile, #14 has been released:

Enjoy… Hopefully I’ll be back later today after I manually upgrade to version 2.8 (it’s supposed to be a security update as well as other things).


One of the things you do a lot of while being dialyzed, other than reading, is watching a lot of television.

At first I was watching the usual dreck like Family Feud, or Jeopardy or Wheel..Of..Fortune. After a while, however that gets boring. From there I went to the soap operas like One Life To Live, but the drama was just too dramatic (and silly), but I do check in once a week. 🙂

Now, I am into the Foodnetwork. I find this amazing because I have never had any notion of making my own food, let alone other peoples’. I love it, though. It’s the details that fascinate me. Who knew that you smashed garlic with a broad knife to peel it or the difference between slicing and chopping or that you could be approximate in cooking, but not in baking. And who knew that once you have the basics, it really is pretty easy.

I got so interested in the shows that when I went to Barnes & Noble last weekend, I actually browsed

I love this book!
I love this book!

the food/cooking section (This is a first time ever!!) and ended up purchasing a foodnetwork book entitled, How To Boil Water. For me, it answers so many of the basic questions I have about cooking, plus the recipes are easy for beginners. My wife (who doesn’t cook either) is even encouraging of my new interest.

Also, being able to control my food intake and have a closer assessment of my sodium, potassium, and phosphorus intake is great.

Yay!… Louise Logs #12

Anne Flournoy had posted Louise Log 12 a few days ago, but today was the first time I was able to get around to posting it myself. When she has a run in with the school guudance counselor I’m sure that the viewer will want to take Louise’s side in this one. This series keeps getting better and better.


Louise VS. the school Guidance Counselor in a fight to the death. Well sort of.

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