Coodinator Shindig

My kidney donor goes for the cardiac stress test next Monday. Neither of us is worried about it. After that test, a sonogram has to be done. My transplant coordinator seems to be dragging his feet. Seems to me, he could have arranged the tests fairly close to each other.

I’ve expressed to him my wanting to get this done as soon as possible. I do not want to be in the hospital in July, when all the inexperienced doctors are starting.

I think I’ll call my coordinator again, tomorrow.


Whoops… I missed a day again.  I don’t know how I do that.  It’s not like I’m soooo busy I can’t fit it in.  I guess when it becomes second nature, I won’t forget as easily.  I usually visit my favorite blogs every couple of days.  Perhaps if I visit them more often, I’ll be encouraged to keep my own blog up to date.

Oh well.  Onward.

Michael Moore

Reason #3 million, illustrating the pettiness of the bush administration when there is so much real work to be done:

Michael Moore, the provocative filmmaker who has made a career out of skewering automakers, gun enthusiasts and the Bush administration, is being investigated by the Treasury Department over a trip he made to Cuba for his new film, “Sicko.”

via New York Times


Today is my birthday. Or given the hour, maybe I should say was my birthday. Right now I’m trying to decide whether or not to reveal my age. The whole purpose of Whispers is to reveal things that are on the edge/tip of my tongue, but I spent the entire day playing down my birthday.

Before I was born, doctors said I was supposed to be triplets. My parents had even come up with three names. The story I’ve been told is that I was the only one there. Either the other two souls died on delivery, or the doctors could not differentiate between three heart beats and one heartbeat doing triple time. One day, I’ll get up the courage to investigate births and deaths in New York City on May 8th 1948.


Figured I’d do a folo on a couple of items.

Transplant: My friend passed one of the tests. Two more to go.

Car Problem: The car has been running fine, but… now the air conditioning has stopped working. I don’t even want to think about costs.

car problem

The car was having problems starting. Could it be the timing? Could it be the spark plugs? Of course not. It’s the fuel pump!!! With labor, over $600… sheesh!!!

Moyers Special

I just finished watching the 90 minute Bill Moyers special, Buying the War, online.

Moyers has always been a good jounalist and the producer and editor he used to put this piece together, have done a terrific job. At each step of the way to war, the media’s role is highligted.

Meanwhile, I want a subscription to a Knight Ridder paper.


A few days ago, I mentioned going into another medical hole . What I was talking about, is getting a kidney transplant. I have a friend who is willing to donate a kidney and we both have had a number of medical tests to go through. My friend has about 3 more tests and if all works out, we can proceed. If the test do not work out, it means I will have to stay on dialysis, which I have been on for a year. My biggest fear at the moment is that my friend will not pass all the tests. I dare not even fantasize not being on dialysis.

murmurs realized