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used when doiing any testing with this blog or possibly with another blog.

Testing WordPress Markdown Plugin

now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

a hat

Does this work?

Yes this worked, but I had to get the photo location from the add media button and then I couldn’t change the size. I’m going to try another image.

Mel at the beach

That worked too, but I can’t do that with Flickr or DropBox. I also, as I mentioned, can’t adjust size.

First edited  photo in oggl. #nyc #FortTryon

All right. It appears that if I copy the html code, this plugin will convert it to a usable markdown code. On Flickr, you can download the appropriate code for the size. I’m still not sure what the method is for DropBox.

How Dropbox works

2013-07-29 16.23.27

Now what I have discovered about DropBox is that even if the picture is not in the public folder, I can upload it to the media library (in WordPress) and alter the size and caption etc. The trick is: Do not use the link.

Rebuilding whispers

Too Many Blogs?

As I mentioned earlier, it was because of a new script from HostM that I was finally able to restore whispers. At one time, before it crashed, whispers was my favorite blog for writing. Since then, presentable has become the main depository of my thoughts and ideas. I’m not sure how I will handle this. I’m not sure if I’ll maintain presentable as the main blog, or try to keep whispers alongside it. Perhaps I could give each a different subject area. I haven’t even mentioned Facing The Rain, or StarFire.

At the time these blogs were created, I saw no harm in having more than one because, no one was reading them anyway. Well, there are still very few readers, but I feel that I want each one to be of high quality. Okay, enough of that for now.

Tackling The Remaining Issues

Once I got whispers up and running, I discovered that clicking on any link on the page would send me to a 404 error page (page not found). I remember having a similar problem with StarFire but, for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the solution. Rather than go to the WordPress Help section, I did a quick search on Google and found this site. Everything was fixed in one click.

Now, I’ve discovered that the theme I’m using has a hard time with JetPack. I love this theme but unless I can find an updated version of it, it will have to go.

For now, I’ve decided to use a theme called Pixel.  Pixel still does not handle all the Jetpack options (especially auto-scroll) but it will do for now until I can search for other themes more intensely.

five years

Today marks the 5th year that American troops have been in Iraq because of lies perpetuated by the bush administration. has an article contrasting the speeches between two Senators entitled, “Today I weep for my country.” The editors note:

Exactly five years ago, on the afternoon of March 19, 2003, mere hours before bombs began falling in Baghdad, Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., gave a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate condemning the use of military force in Iraq. As soon as Byrd was finished speaking, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., delivered a response defending the Bush administration’s decision to go to war.

It is worth a read. Meanwhile, back in February of that year, thousands of people all over the world had protests marches to stop the inevitable carnage. This slide presentation is from the New York City rally.

playing with youtube

The other day, I had to send a video to someone and sent what I thought was a small quicktime movie. Unfortunately, they could not open it.I have avoided YouTube because I know just enough about video to make me dangerous. What resolution? What codec? What size? How many megs? This glitch with sending the video forced me to look at YouTube as a solution. So, I tried it and the result is below. Of course there were a number of glitches but it was easier than I thought.

Now I just have to find out how I can center the image on the page.Looks like it also messes up the stuff written underneath it too.Apparently, I cannot use the special video player… It seems to mess up stuff. This looks okay now. oops… wrong again


WordPress has been upgraded to a new version (2.2.1). I upgraded, but for some reason, my database says it is already upgraded. It also shows the version as being 2.2 (which was the previous version number). There doesn’t seem to be anything I can test to see if things are different because the new version is mostly bugs fixes. Anyway, everything seems to be running okay.


Bradley BeachTrying out uploads… especially photos: well, that seems to work nicely. I have no idea, how to move the picture to the right.

Okay, I got that to  works.  I’ll  have to play with it, or look it up. to get more information.