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The watch…

finally is resting comfortably on my left wrist as I type this entry.  It got there amid more drama at the post office.   You’ve experienced it before.  People wait in line for the clerk to return only to be told to get in another line.  I’m surprised there aren’t more acts of violence at the PO.

Anyway, it’s everything I thought it  would be, and I’m happy.


I saw Michael Moore’s Sicko, today. Another one of those movies that had me either laughing or crying (literally). It’s amazing what we put up with as so called health care, and the path to who’s to blame is clear and straight.

This is a must see movie for anyone who plans on voting in 2008. It’s time the politicians were asked serious, open ended questions… both on the right and left. As the movie says if we can spend trillions for war, then there is money for health care.


I was told by a shaman from Siberia today, that I have two angels looking over me. That was good news, and I have to admitted I felt really good to hear that from someone who did not know what I’ve been going through recently. Here’s a picture of her.

Angel Detector

She was here to see my wife, and her comment came as she looked at my hands. She also wanted to know if there was Indian (Native American) blood in my lineage when she viewed my parents’ wedding picture. She didn’t just ask, she said both parents had Indian and my mother had more (My mother’s mother was half cherokee, and my father’s grandmother was full cherokee). I was raised as African American.

Sorry, I don’t have a digital image of my parents… You can see me by clicking the About tag at the top of the page.


My wife says that today is her anniversary…  I claim that it is my anniversary!  I suspect we will have this debate throughout the day, with each giving various proofs.

Coodinator Shindig

My kidney donor goes for the cardiac stress test next Monday. Neither of us is worried about it. After that test, a sonogram has to be done. My transplant coordinator seems to be dragging his feet. Seems to me, he could have arranged the tests fairly close to each other.

I’ve expressed to him my wanting to get this done as soon as possible. I do not want to be in the hospital in July, when all the inexperienced doctors are starting.

I think I’ll call my coordinator again, tomorrow.

car problem

The car was having problems starting. Could it be the timing? Could it be the spark plugs? Of course not. It’s the fuel pump!!! With labor, over $600… sheesh!!!

Moyers Special

I just finished watching the 90 minute Bill Moyers special, Buying the War, online.

Moyers has always been a good jounalist and the producer and editor he used to put this piece together, have done a terrific job. At each step of the way to war, the media’s role is highligted.

Meanwhile, I want a subscription to a Knight Ridder paper.