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Those Wonderful GlobalWorks Ads

Optimum makes me happy honey
’cause I’m savin’ lots of money.
Let’s all get the triple play.

That’s the last line of the latest Optimum Triple Play commercial inundating the airwaves. I think it’s pure genius. Not just this commercial, but the one before it, which starts out:

Mi gente.
Optimum Triple Play,
is in the house.

Logo for OptimumAt which point the house is blown up by pirates’ canon fire. If you’re on the east coast, you’ve probably seen one or both of these commercials. Especially the second one I quoted. I was eventually able to track down the company that was responsible for making these ads for Optimum (which is a subsidiary [I think] of Cablevision).

Now before I go any further, let me make clear that I am in no way affiliated with Cablevision or GlobalWorks. In fact, I receive Time Warner Cable service.

Before I get into showing you the commercials, you have to see the opening page for GlobalWorks. I’d suggest you use headphones, but speakers turned up will do just as well.

GlobalWorks Group/Brands Without Borders.â„¢

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Today I am…

Birthday Candles

Today is my birthday. Today I am (place your favorite decade marker here). Yes, it has been a wonderful 39 years, now that I’m 40. HAH!!! If only. I passed 40 a while ago. Why are people so reticent about telling their age? I used to think it was only vanity, but now I’m convinced it has more to do with how people will view/treat us. Just as I assume a 20 something is inexperienced/shallow, so a 20 something probably sees me as old and doddering. I’ll give them the old, but not the doddering. 🙂

God knows I’ve been through alot this past couple of years medically, but I made it through. And I probably would not have been able to do that, if I hadn’t been clean and dry for 29 years. There’s a great deal to be said for making decisions with a sober mind.

So, I’m posting this at the time and on the day of my birth. Happy birthday. 8) And to you too, if it’s your birthday.

ps – thanks to Not So Deep Thoughts for the image

Acquitted of all charges

I was sitting in the dialysis chair yesterday and watching the story that was on every channel. So I really had no choice but to get bombed with the information (over and over) that three police officers, who had fired 50 times at an unarmed group of young men and killing one of them (who happened to be scheduled to be married the next morning), were acquitted of all charges.

What was most shocking to me, was that once again, I was surprised! Why would I be surprised? It’s not like there’s no pattern. You would think, I would know what the outcome would be by now.

It’s not right. It’s more than not right,… it’s criminal.

five years

Today marks the 5th year that American troops have been in Iraq because of lies perpetuated by the bush administration. has an article contrasting the speeches between two Senators entitled, “Today I weep for my country.” The editors note:

Exactly five years ago, on the afternoon of March 19, 2003, mere hours before bombs began falling in Baghdad, Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., gave a speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate condemning the use of military force in Iraq. As soon as Byrd was finished speaking, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., delivered a response defending the Bush administration’s decision to go to war.

It is worth a read. Meanwhile, back in February of that year, thousands of people all over the world had protests marches to stop the inevitable carnage. This slide presentation is from the New York City rally.

Daylight Saving Time

Image from
Just a reminder that the clocks get changed on Sunday, the 9th here in the Americas. I didn’t know that the date for change is different in the European Union. The change date for the European Union is March 30th.

Interestingly, I discovered from the link (above), that the official spelling and grammar is “Daylight Saving Time,” without an S on the word saving, but

many people feel the word savings (with an ‘s’) flows more mellifluously off the tongue. Daylight Savings Time is also in common usage, and can be found in dictionaries.

Snap Shot and Spellcheck

I have a blog on, besides this one ( Anyway, on that site, something called Snap Shots is enabled (there is not as much control by the user there).

I figured that it had to be a plugin of some kind and I was able to find it. It’s very easy to install. You don’t have to be a programmer, and if you go to the Snapshot web page, they even have a 1 click installation button. So now, if you hover your mouse over a link, it will show you a snapshot (get it 🙂 ) or preview of the page that it is linked to.

While checking out .COM, I examined the spellchecker since I haven’t been able to get it to work on the .ORG site and it worked. So, I came to this site and tried it, and it worked perfectly.Spellcheck in visual editor Prior to this, I would get an error message. Now you click on the spellcheck and that turns it on and checks the spelling, then underlines the misspelled words in red. Clicking on the red words will offer suggestions. Now, I think you should be able to click on the suggestion and that will replace the word, but that doesn’t happen.


It didn’t work because for whatever reason, Camino won’t play. Works fine in FireFox.

time out … of my life

I have been on hold now for 20 minutes with Time Warner Cable trying to resolve an issue dating back to October 15th.

I could not see any video on demand (VOD), because 10 minutes into a movie, the picture would start to break up (microblock) and eventually the sound would go. I had techs come out 3 times. One changed the wiring inside the house. One changed the wiring outside the house, and one changed the set top boxes. On the last visit, the tech saw that the issue was not resolved. That was on Nov. 24th. He called the IT department and said it had to be resolved from their end at the IT department. Sometime in December I decided to chance a movie again…. This time it worked.

So, I figure I am supposed to get a credit for not having the service available from Oct. 15th to whenever they fixed it,… which was NOT on Nov. 24th. Fortunately, the last tech gave me the IT ticket number. The problem is that TW has it in their records as being resolved on Nov. 24th, and whenever any of the TW personnel call IT, they get put on hold.

So this last encounter lasted 32 minutes of my life (which I will never get back). Theoretically, I will get called back (tomorrow?) with the correct date… I hate Bureaucracy.


It’s been forever since my last post. I apologize. So many things have happened but it seems so boring by now. The most recent event follows.

I recently (a couple of months or so ago) chipped both of my front teeth. When I say chipped, I mean chunks of teeth missing. No, I was not trying to open a beer bottle with my teeth. I thought I was going to spend the remainder of my life making ssssss sounds whenever I pronounced a word beginning with “F”. So yesterday, I went to the dentist with the idea that he would probably not be able to fix it, or if he could fix it, it was going to cost a million dollars. Well he fixed it, and though not cheap, definitely not exorbitant, and my teeth look normal again and I can speak without sounding like a snake.


King of Kong

I just came from seeing a  wonderful documentary called King of Kong.  It’s about classic video game players, but so much more.  Good guys, bad guys, drama, suspense.  You’ll probably on see it at art movie theaters, but if you can find it, go see it.  Should be eligible for an academy award in the documentary category.