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one of my most annoying peeves


v : cause to be annoyed, irritated, or resentful

From WordNet (r) 2.0:

Coffee regular please!

Okay, I know this is not a big thing, and will not cause the course of history to be changed, but here goes:

• I’m from New York City. For as long as I can remember, when you went to a store and ordered a “coffee regular”, it meant coffee with milk and sugar. It has always been that way. I understand that in Philadelphia a coffee regular is black.

• So why is it that when I go to stores now-a-days and I ask for a coffee regular, I am asked, “milk and sugar??”

I have decided to now respond to that question with, “Regular, yes.”

Oh, and btw, this does not apply to StarBucks… That’s another story for another day (hereafter referred to as ASAD).

I have other pet peeves, but I’ll bring them up as I remember them.

hair, operas and blasts from the past

I was able to locate and talk to a friend (colloquialism) from my youth and past who played significant parts in my life some forty years

Original Broadway Play

ago. God,… how many times did we play the Hair Album?!?  She was the one who actually introduced me to the enjoyment of opera.

I had delayed attempting contact for so ling, because it had been so long. Amazingly, when she answered her phone, her voice sounded the same. It was eerie. Not only her voice, but the energy behind  it too.

What a wonderful start of the day. I look forward to “filling in the gaps” of our lives in the future.

Google Voice and iPhone

A couple of months ago, I read a small article about Google Voice.  I had seen stuff about it before, but was unclear exactly what it was.   A few trips to Google pages and I got a general idea, but still could not see how it would be of great benefit to me, especially since I have an iPhone 3G and my home number (a landline).  Anyway,  I found out that it was only available by invitation only, just like Gmail used to be. So, I applied for an invitation.  The more I read during the previous months, the more intrigued I became.  Finally, I received my invitation a few weeks ago and just  sort of looked at it.  I submitted it, and got my new phone number (which you can choose yourself).

symbol used to represent Google Voice
Google Voice Symbol

It’s really cool because the calling is free except for international calls (which is a very small amount in terms of money).  You can have different answering messages for different  people.  Free text messaging, voicemail transcription to name just a few of the advantages.  I can see why AT&T did not want Apple to allow Google Voice as an app on the iPhone.  Basically, I am trying to understand why I should even pay AT&T, when I could get all my services fro free.

The most obvious answer is that it is not as smoothly integrated.  For one, in order to have any of those features, you have to have people dial the new number.  Also, having to use an HTML5 app to make calls is a lot slower than just using the phone app on the iPhone.  Another drawback, is you would have to use your Gmail addressbook, or import your iPhone addressbook to Gmail.

Want to try it out for free?  On the bottom right of the page is a widget that says Call Me.  Enter your name, number and check the box that protects your anonymity, and it will call anyone you like.    Feeling brave enough?   BTW, if you have a Google mail account, you can make free calls from there too.

Louise Logs #8

I haven’t posted in quite a while, and as a result, am slow in posting the latest Louise Log (Sorry).  Alas, Anne has released it, and once again, it’s a gem. Our protagonist interviews child care applicants (baby-sitters, au pairs). Thank goodness number one walked out!


Louise Log 8 (9:16)

This is the eighth in a comedy series starring CHRISTINE COOK and introducing DANUSIA TREVINO, SNEZHANA CHERNOVA, and MARIE CHRISTINE KATZ. Together with her over-active inner voice Louise interviews potential babysitters. COPYRIGHT 2008 MICRO-MOVIES LTD

Enjoy 😉

George Carlin

I’m what you might call a closet George Carlin fan.  I didn’t talk about him much, but if I had an opportunity to listen or watch him, I was there.  There will be a lot clips dealing with his famous Seven Words skit, but that is not my favorite skit.  My favorite one is his comparative study between baseball and football words.  If you have never seen it, or if it has been a while since you’ve seen it, here it is:

George Carlin May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008

Grapes of Ice

Okay, here’s my quick cool tip for the day (the day?… is this a regular feature?) If you’re anywhere in the east where temperatures are hitting record highs and heat index is over 100, try this:

  • buy some seedless grapes (I like red grapes)
  • put some of them in a sandwich baggy
  • put the baggy in your freezer
  • when they are frozen… eat and enjoy!

They really taste good, and they satisfy your thirst and cool you off. See? Being on dialysis and having to watch my fluid intake, does bring about good things sometimes. Pssst… pass it on.