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hair, operas and blasts from the past

I was able to locate and talk to a friend (colloquialism) from my youth and past who played significant parts in my life some forty years

Original Broadway Play

ago. God,… how many times did we play the Hair Album?!?  She was the one who actually introduced me to the enjoyment of opera.

I had delayed attempting contact for so ling, because it had been so long. Amazingly, when she answered her phone, her voice sounded the same. It was eerie. Not only her voice, but the energy behind  it too.

What a wonderful start of the day. I look forward to “filling in the gaps” of our lives in the future.

GlobalWorks addendum

I received a newsletter from Globalworks (see my previous post) announcing that they had won three more awards for their beach ads.  Just thought I’d quote from the newsletter about who created the ad:

A multicultural creative team at GlobalWorks created the spots. The creative director was born in England; the art director is from Venezuela; the producer is from Puerto Rico; and the copywriter is from the Dominican Republic. The directors of the spots hail from Puerto Rico and Argentina, respectively.

© GlobalWorks Group 2008
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Today I am…

Birthday Candles

Today is my birthday. Today I am (place your favorite decade marker here). Yes, it has been a wonderful 39 years, now that I’m 40. HAH!!! If only. I passed 40 a while ago. Why are people so reticent about telling their age? I used to think it was only vanity, but now I’m convinced it has more to do with how people will view/treat us. Just as I assume a 20 something is inexperienced/shallow, so a 20 something probably sees me as old and doddering. I’ll give them the old, but not the doddering. 🙂

God knows I’ve been through alot this past couple of years medically, but I made it through. And I probably would not have been able to do that, if I hadn’t been clean and dry for 29 years. There’s a great deal to be said for making decisions with a sober mind.

So, I’m posting this at the time and on the day of my birth. Happy birthday. 8) And to you too, if it’s your birthday.

ps – thanks to Not So Deep Thoughts for the image


There is one piece of software, that I have found to be invaluable since I started using it last fall.  It’s call 1Password.

It seems simple enough.  What it does is keep track of all your logins names and passwords and fill in the appropriate text boxes with one or two keystrokes.  But that’s not all it does.  It can keep track of various identities you use to join up with various forums or shopping sites and with one click fill in all the data for you.  Not only that, it can keep track of “wallet” items like credit cards or secure notes like serial numbers on purchased software.  All of this is kept on a secure separate keychain.

So if you use a Mac, check out 1Password.