A Marriage Contracted without Witness Is

In Sunni Islam, a marriage contract must have at least two witnesses. Proper testimony is crucial for the validation of marriage and also serves as protection against suspicions of adulterous relationships. [There is no marriage contract except with a guardian. As Ibn `Arafa says, the guardian is either his owner (in the case of a slave), or his father or male relative, or an agent or guardian, or the authority (the ruler) or someone who is Muslim. But if the marriage was announced and it became known among the people that this man had married this woman, then it is a valid marriage, because in this case she fulfilled the conditions of marriage thanks to this proposal and the acceptance made by telephone, which is valid as long as he was free from any manipulation and you were really sure, than the one who spoke to you on the phone and made the marriage contract for the woman really his brother. Its goal is to provide the bride with a sense of financial security during and after the end of the marriage. In the case of Nasra Begum v. Rizwan Ali[iv], the Supreme Court of Allahabad ruled that the right to Mahr arises before living together. The court also concluded that if the woman is a minor, her guardians can refuse to send to her husband until the dowry is paid, and if she is in the husband`s custody, she can also be dismissed.

Such a marriage also does not allow a man to remarry a woman from whom he has already divorced with a triple divorce. Thus, according to the majority of Fuqaha`, Maalikis, Shaafa`is and Hanbalis, your marriage was not valid. Male relatives on the maternal side are not considered to have the right to marry, who should instead come from the paternal side. Relative incapacity for work Relative incapacity for work results from cases that render marriage irregular only as long as the cause that increases the lock exists at the time it is eliminated, the incapacity for work ends and the marriage becomes valid and binding. Illegal association # Marriage with a fifth woman # Marriage with a woman awaiting iddat # Marriage with a non-Muslim # Lack of appropriate witnesses # Woman who contracts a second marriage even after the existence of the first marriage. # Pregnant women marry # Marriages during the pilgrimage # Marriages of one`s own divorced wife Prohibition This happens in the following cases: (a) Polyandry – this means that having more than one husband.it is forbidden in the Muslim system and a married woman cannot marry for the second time as long as the first marriage exists. (b) Muslim woman who marries a non-Muslim – the marriage of a Muslim woman to a non-Muslim man, whether Christian or Jewish, idolater or fire worshipper, is irregular in nature under Sunni law and void under Shia law. Directory incapacity # This may result from: Marriage of an enciente woman # Divorce ban # Marriage during the pilgrimage # Marriage with a sick man Aspects of marriage [How a marriage for what cannot be legally owned, such as wine, or is allowed but invalid, as a runaway slave. It should be dissolved by divorce without dowry. When she has taken it, she gives it back. If it is made and discovered only afterwards, it will receive an appropriate dowry for someone of its deen and ancestry.] Allah made it haram to marry seven categories of women by consanguinity and seven by feeding and marriage.

He says, let him be exalted: “Haram for you are your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, your father`s sisters, your mother`s sisters, your brother`s daughters, and your sister`s daughters.” They are those who are haram by consanguinity. A woman, slave or non-Muslim is not allowed to draft a woman`s marriage contract. It is clear from the details of the case here that this husband was not aware of the gravity of marriage in the religion of Allah, and he did not know that marriage, as prescribed in Islam, is prescribed by Allah and that the choices made by Allah limit to which Allah has attached great importance and importance. and that He commanded His slaves to abide by it, and that He forbade them to transgress beyond. How can this be compared to the behavior of some people who try to confirm their marriage by seeking concessions here and there? There is no power and no power except with Allah, the Almighty, the Sage. [It is recorded in the Muwatta` and both Sahih collections. The exact rule is that it applies to the two women between whom there is kinship and sucking, which prevents them from being married to each other, and therefore it is illegal to be married to both at the same time. If he is married to both, both marriages are still null and void, even if he has consummated the marriage, without divorce or dowry for the one whose marriage has not been consummated. If the first woman knows, then the second marriage is invalid and the first marriage is confirmed and the marriage of the one who claims it is the second is annulled, but it is by divorce. If the former knows the latter and the husband does not claim to know which marriage was the former, both marriages are invalid.] [This is because this type of marriage is void before and after completion Some of them distinguish between a final divorce with execution and an appropriate dowry.

If the former marries him with this marriage, he is disabled without divorce and the husband, guardian, witnesses and wife are punished for having a marriage that is supposed to make remarriage legal.] And the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, made sucking synonymous with blood in relation to the categories of relationship that are haram for marriage. .