Louise Log makes me laugh and think

I had a chance to meet the cast and people behind the scenes but due to a case of the shingles, could not. I’d kick myself if it didn’t hurt so much.

I like Louise because she reflects what I think often. I especially love her quest to let her artistic self come out and actually DO IT, rather than thinking about it all the time. Make sure you see the latest version at Anne Flournoy’s site.

i’ve tried to get my own “art” out by photographing more. I used to use high end cameras and equipment… I’m now seeing if I can explore the low end and playing wiht point and shoot, then altering the images… This goes totally against what I know, so it might be interesting. We’ll see.


7 thoughts on “Louise Log makes me laugh and think”

  1. Oh Mel, you were missed at our cast and crew party. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of and attention to the series. You should be among the first to know, it’s still not set in stone, but the tentative plan is to shoot ten new episodes in August. I’m working with Sandra Vannuchi, an Italian writer, and putting in plenty of twists and turns and lots of new characters. Also, you probably got the youtube subscriber notice but there are two new 60 second special bonus reels at http://is.gd/d5zV0 All the best to you! Anne

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