George Carlin

I’m what you might call a closet George Carlin fan.  I didn’t talk about him much, but if I had an opportunity to listen or watch him, I was there.  There will be a lot clips dealing with his famous Seven Words skit, but that is not my favorite skit.  My favorite one is his comparative study between baseball and football words.  If you have never seen it, or if it has been a while since you’ve seen it, here it is:

George Carlin May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008

Grapes of Ice

Okay, here’s my quick cool tip for the day (the day?… is this a regular feature?) If you’re anywhere in the east where temperatures are hitting record highs and heat index is over 100, try this:

  • buy some seedless grapes (I like red grapes)
  • put some of them in a sandwich baggy
  • put the baggy in your freezer
  • when they are frozen… eat and enjoy!

They really taste good, and they satisfy your thirst and cool you off. See? Being on dialysis and having to watch my fluid intake, does bring about good things sometimes. Pssst… pass it on.

GlobalWorks addendum

I received a newsletter from Globalworks (see my previous post) announcing that they had won three more awards for their beach ads.  Just thought I’d quote from the newsletter about who created the ad:

A multicultural creative team at GlobalWorks created the spots. The creative director was born in England; the art director is from Venezuela; the producer is from Puerto Rico; and the copywriter is from the Dominican Republic. The directors of the spots hail from Puerto Rico and Argentina, respectively.

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