I was scanning blogs the other day (on my birthday actually) and came upon this Enigma Cafe post.

You’ll notice that if you click on the Enigma Cafe post title, you’ll get connected to YouTube and will hear a rendition of Moon River. This song holds special significance to me (especially on Mother’s Day), because it is the song I sang to my mother as she lay dying in the hospital, surrounded by the sounds of the respirator, heart monitor and various alarms going off at other patients bedsides, six years ago.

It seems like yesterday. In fact, as I was typing this, I originally typed two years ago and actually had to find the death certificate to figure out what year it was. I remember the date she died… April 14.

I was born the day before Mothers Day (on a Saturday), and it was through her that I learned so much including the discovery of my ability to sing. We used to sing a lot together when I was younger. So, it seemed only natural to sing a favorite of ours at that time.

When I was a teenager, I started calling mom by her first name. Well a nickname of her first name, which was Lillian. I called her Lil. I can’t remember why I started doing this. Maybe it was my rebelliousness as a teenager. I also don’t know why she allowed me to do this. All I know, is that it became my term of endearment and closeness. It was a shortform of, “I love you, mom.”

So, it was interesting that I should stumble upon that particular website where Moonriver is featured on this particular day.

2 thoughts on “Lil”

  1. Oh Voltros…what a beautiful memory….I am so glad that the song found it’s way to you and on Mothers day too…I love that you called her name and shared that …and the singing…and that even as she was in the hospital you sang to her….Many Many hugs this Mothers Day….namaste…

  2. Thank you for your comments Enigma4Ever. I hope you and your son had a happy Mother’s Day as well.

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