Those Wonderful GlobalWorks Ads

Optimum makes me happy honey
’cause I’m savin’ lots of money.
Let’s all get the triple play.

That’s the last line of the latest Optimum Triple Play commercial inundating the airwaves. I think it’s pure genius. Not just this commercial, but the one before it, which starts out:

Mi gente.
Optimum Triple Play,
is in the house.

Logo for OptimumAt which point the house is blown up by pirates’ canon fire. If you’re on the east coast, you’ve probably seen one or both of these commercials. Especially the second one I quoted. I was eventually able to track down the company that was responsible for making these ads for Optimum (which is a subsidiary [I think] of Cablevision).

Now before I go any further, let me make clear that I am in no way affiliated with Cablevision or GlobalWorks. In fact, I receive Time Warner Cable service.

Before I get into showing you the commercials, you have to see the opening page for GlobalWorks. I’d suggest you use headphones, but speakers turned up will do just as well.

GlobalWorks Group/Brands Without Borders.â„¢

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Louise Logs Summaries

In preparing to present Louise Log 6, I discovered that each segment has an informational blurb. The blurbs are pretty interesting in themselves because they show how the project has progressed thus far. So here are the logs with their informational blurbs.

  • Louise Log 1 (01:22)

    This is the first in a series. CHRISTINE COOK stars as Louise.

  • Louise Log 2 (01:32)

    The second in a series starring CHRISTINE COOK and written/directed by Anne Flournoy. It takes place at the farmer’s market at Union Square in New York City.

  • Louise Log 3 (01:26)

    This is the third in a series starring CHRISTINE COOK as a self-styled efficiency expert.

  • Louise Log 4 (02:00)

    The fourth in a series starring CHRISTINE COOK and featuring JIM FOURATT as her former professor from art school.

  • Louise Log 5 (04:16)

    This is the fifth in a comedy series starring CHRISTINE COOK and introducing CATHERINE SIRACUSA, TALULAH MEI BARNI, and AIDAN BROGAN. Special thanks to JAYNE HAYNES. To see all five episodes, go to

  • Louise Log 6 (05:48)

    This is the SIXTH episode in a comedy series about a New York City wife/mother/artist who has low self-esteem, a high-maintenance husband, substance problems, and an overactive inner voice. Starring CHRISTINE COOK, introducing KENNETH B. GOLDBERG and featuring AIDAN BROGAN and TALULAH MEI BARNI. Distributed by Tubemogul.

I’ll be presenting number 6 on Sunday, but if you can’t wait, you can find it here.

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I was scanning blogs the other day (on my birthday actually) and came upon this Enigma Cafe post.

You’ll notice that if you click on the Enigma Cafe post title, you’ll get connected to YouTube and will hear a rendition of Moon River. This song holds special significance to me (especially on Mother’s Day), because it is the song I sang to my mother as she lay dying in the hospital, surrounded by the sounds of the respirator, heart monitor and various alarms going off at other patients bedsides, six years ago.

It seems like yesterday. In fact, as I was typing this, I originally typed two years ago and actually had to find the death certificate to figure out what year it was. I remember the date she died… April 14.

I was born the day before Mothers Day (on a Saturday), and it was through her that I learned so much including the discovery of my ability to sing. We used to sing a lot together when I was younger. So, it seemed only natural to sing a favorite of ours at that time.

When I was a teenager, I started calling mom by her first name. Well a nickname of her first name, which was Lillian. I called her Lil. I can’t remember why I started doing this. Maybe it was my rebelliousness as a teenager. I also don’t know why she allowed me to do this. All I know, is that it became my term of endearment and closeness. It was a shortform of, “I love you, mom.”

So, it was interesting that I should stumble upon that particular website where Moonriver is featured on this particular day.

Today I am…

Birthday Candles

Today is my birthday. Today I am (place your favorite decade marker here). Yes, it has been a wonderful 39 years, now that I’m 40. HAH!!! If only. I passed 40 a while ago. Why are people so reticent about telling their age? I used to think it was only vanity, but now I’m convinced it has more to do with how people will view/treat us. Just as I assume a 20 something is inexperienced/shallow, so a 20 something probably sees me as old and doddering. I’ll give them the old, but not the doddering. 🙂

God knows I’ve been through alot this past couple of years medically, but I made it through. And I probably would not have been able to do that, if I hadn’t been clean and dry for 29 years. There’s a great deal to be said for making decisions with a sober mind.

So, I’m posting this at the time and on the day of my birth. Happy birthday. 8) And to you too, if it’s your birthday.

ps – thanks to Not So Deep Thoughts for the image


There is one piece of software, that I have found to be invaluable since I started using it last fall.  It’s call 1Password.

It seems simple enough.  What it does is keep track of all your logins names and passwords and fill in the appropriate text boxes with one or two keystrokes.  But that’s not all it does.  It can keep track of various identities you use to join up with various forums or shopping sites and with one click fill in all the data for you.  Not only that, it can keep track of “wallet” items like credit cards or secure notes like serial numbers on purchased software.  All of this is kept on a secure separate keychain.

So if you use a Mac, check out 1Password.

uppity or elitist

Caffeinated Politics presents some very thought provoking ideas as written by David Shipler (recently).

As racism becomes less overt and more hidden, our examination of the language (along with the society) must become more stringent in detecting its remnants. Mr. Shipler examines the recent flurry of charges against Barack Obama for being elitist. From the Shipler article:

Whether by calculation or coincidence, Hillary Clinton and Republicans who have attacked Barack Obama for elitism have struck a chord in a long-standing symphony of racial codes.

Shipler has written numerous articles and books. Here is an audio interview with Mr. Shipler from 2005 by the New York Times about his book, The Working Poor: Invisible in America.