Pens and Watches

I love pens… and watches too.

I think I’ve been fascinated with pens since the 5th or 6th grade when as students, we were promoted from pencils to pens. When, penmanship was an actual thing you got graded on. Now when I was that age, fountain pens were the norm and fountain pens with ink cartridges were the kings. The newish ball point pens were an oddity. Anyway, now I have a real appreciation for pens. I really like fountain pens but I’m not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one nor am I prejudiced against nice looking ball points or their derivatives.

I’m not sure where the watches obsession comes from. I’ve always been of the opinion that if it keeps accurate time and doesn’t look clunky then it’s fine. I recently got a watch on the street for $5. I figured if it lasted a week, I’d be ahead of the game. So far it’s been 3 months. Still, I’m fascinated by well designed watches that tell accurate time along with exquisite design. I just ordered one from a Herrington catalog. This is more than I normally spend for a watch ($110) and will probably be the highest price I will ever pay…. Oh, BTW, I prefer watches with hands over digital, but appreciate both.

Now the big whisper is that my interest in pens and watches is directly proportional to how stressed I’m feeling. The more stressed, the more my interests turn toward pens and watches.

Movie Night

We had company over yesterday to have a movie party. People brought cheese, strawberries, cake, and of course, popcorn. We all decided on Kill Bill. We had all seen it at least twice before, but sometimes you just have to see something stronger that PG. 😉

When A-OK is Not

Apparently, when my donor (MD) had the stress test done, the technicians are the ones who said he was ok. Turns out that the cardiologist says the hole in his heart is significant, and he will not okay the stress of a transplant until MD gets it repaired. Not only that, but after the repair, he has to stay on blood thinners to reduce the possibility of clots for at least 6 months.

I think I’ll try to get on some other states’ transplant list. It doesn’t look like MD will be a viable solution until at least February. Meanwhile his company has been taken over by another, and his medical insurance will change drastically (as will mine).


I love spring, summer and fall, so I’m not complaining about the heat and humidity. I’d rather have that than cold and/or snow. But it was really humid today. Thunderstorms tomorrow.

Camino 1.5

I just discovered that the browser I use (Camino) has been upgraded. I love when software I own gets upgraded. It gives me something to play with for a while.

I look forward to leaning the innovations.

A-OK, Again

So the doctor says I have nothing to be concerned about, because my defibrillator is not one of the ones causing problems. In fact he claims I didn’t even have to come in. That was good news.


I’ve let more than 2 days slip by again.  At least, now, I start to get a nagging complaint in the back of my head when I’m overdue.

The mail I got was from the manufacturer of my defibrillator who says some of their products may use up the battery to fast and yours might be one of them…call your doctor.  So I see my doc tomorrow.  Sheesh!

Day of the Jackal

I really needed a day to blank out.

I won’t tell you about the letter I got in the mail yet. I’m feeling like one of the hapless that my father used to to make reference to, which went: “If he didn’t have bad luck, he wouldn’t have no luck at all.” That’s the way I’m feeling. Oh, did I mention that the car is still leaking antifreeze.

So, I watched Day of the Jackal again. It still works, even with all the commercials.


My donor had the tests done for his heart yesterday and got the results.  His heart is in fine condition which means not only is he okay, but that means things are okay for me too.  One last test to go.  I’m a little scared to get too excited.