New Blog

Well, this is the new blog. No sense in waiting for it to look perfect before writing.

The reasoning for this one has to do with being open. In this blog, I will make no conscious effort to hide my true feelings or thoughts about things. That is what the name and tagline indicate. The thoughts that sort of skim across my mind are no longer safe from being exposed. This is quite an experiment because I will know when I type, whether I am bullshitting myself or not.

8 thoughts on “New Blog”

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  2. I’m running a blog but in no way got any valuable comment form my readers. Hope your ideas will assist me to get some good and encouraging comments from my visitors.Thanks for sharing such beautiful suggestions.

  3. Sorry, Tomas, but I have very little to offer in helping reader comment more positively. Many of the comments filter is just spam!

    All I can suggest is to keep writing and hopefully you and your readers will find some common interest.

    Best of luck, and thanks for stopping by. Your site looks pretty interesting.

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